Kent ClinicalWaste

Tattooist Waste


Kent Clinical Waste offer a cost-effective service for the collection of all your tattoo waste to suit your requirements. We'll supply you with all the correct types of bins and a flexible collection service.
All waste is collected in our own vehicles with no sub-contractors or agency staff.

Professional Needle & Sharps Disposal For Beauty Salons

Providing your clients with treatments such as fillers and Botox will result in used needles, which can be very dangerous if they are not disposed of correctly.

We handle all kinds of waste including sharps and needles, disposing of them responsibly and in accordance with the law, keeping your workplace safe and legally compliant.

Our sharps disposal service provides you with a safe and compliant sharps bin and a collection schedule to suit your needs. We will provide all the paper work on collection, including consignment notes to help you meet your legal duty of care.

Discreet Waste Collection For All Your Clinical Beauty Treatment Waste

Certain beauty treatments like waxing, electrolysis and microdermabrasion create specific waste that is illegal to be disposed in your usual general waste bin.

Used waxing strips, cotton wool buds, pads and other items used in these treatments are often contaminated with human tissue and therefore must only be disposed of using a clinical waste bag, sometimes called a 'tiger bag' and must also be disposed of by a licensed and responsible carrier.



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